What is Vadiza?

Vadiza is a software and solutions company focused on building an Enterprise Class version of SAGE – (Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment) for visualizing Big Data and for fostering collaboration among local, distributed and hybrid teams.

What does Vadiza offer?

  • Enterprise Class Technical & General Support –

    Vadiza provides technical support on a 24/7/365 basis for all SAGE and Vadiza environments. We know that customers rely on their systems for mission critical functionality and Vadiza is there to ensure consistent system operation and support when needed most.

  • Enterprise Class SAGE –

    Vadiza is refining and extending the base SAGE software. SAGE will remain an open source software system. The Vadiza team is excited to be a contributing member of the community.

  • Vadiza Software –

    Vadiza is defining and creating extensions to the SAGE software that enhance: connectivity, performance, capabilities, ease of use and system administration.

  • Vadiza Appliances –

    Vadiza is offering a range of complete appliances and services for customers and prospects. Installing a Vadiza appliance will be as simple as ordering an appliance, scheduling the installation and participating in the appropriate training.

  • Training –

    Vadiza is offering a range of training courses for:

    • End users

    • System administrators

    • Analysts & Support Staff

  • Professional Services/Consulting –

    Vadiza is offering a variety of services to our customers, including:

    • Environmental Design – Vadiza Appliances are the main focus of our efforts and work, but there are situations where a prospect or client may want to design a specific environment and Vadiza will assist in that process.

    • System Upgrades – Existing SAGE environments may need a tune up or an upgrade, the Vadiza team will ensure that the modifications are made in a coherent manner that provides improved system performance and optimal operation of the new and improved system.

  • Events –

    Vadiza is encouraging the global community of end users, developers, visionaries, designers, integrators, vendors, interested parties, press, analysts, pundits, gurus and others to come together at the annual Vadiza conference to share stories, make plans and communicate how they want and see the SAGE and Vadiza ecosystem evolve, grow and expand each year and over the next 5 to 7 years.

  • Community –

    Vadiza has created forums on the majority of social media outlets to encourage sharing and communication. Vadiza will participate in the social media presence and is excited to be part of the global SAGE and Vadiza communities.

How to contact Vadiza?

Vadiza is located in Chicago. We work closely with the EVL (Electronic Visualization Lab) team at University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC). We want to hear from everyone that is involved with SAGE. If you have a SAGE system or are interested in learning more about Vadiza, please connect with us by sending an e-mail to info@vadiza.com